Skating-sports are on the incline, even it today’s uncertain economic climate. Aspiring for scholarships, possibly turning professional, remains a lucid ream for many children. The question always asked is how to achieve the best results in the fastest time at the best price. With options as to where to invest resources and money, where do we look first – or not at all?

Technological advancements have hit every sport – and skating is no exception. From synthetic ice surfaces to skating treadmills, more can be achieved in less time than every before, allowing our children to foster their dreams in ways never before imagined. This site is for them, and for all those involved in the investment of bringing childhood dreams to reality.


Scouring the Web for information finds only a select few skating treadmill manufacturers that had a product site, physical installations and a multi-year history.

As with any product, items may look similar, but often there are notable differences - even if subtle in their nature - some of which may affect the way the product is used, its intended use and its life-time cost.


To help simplify the comparison process, a spec analysis is listed to the right. Doing additional digging will often yield beneficial updated information, which may result due to product modifications as manufacturers identify new requirements by their target markets.


We used to list all manufacturers; however each had a separate complaint in us doing so. As a result we have hyperlinked to for our core information.


A key element to a good treadmill is its skating surface, needing to be both resistant and resilient. This could not be truer of a synthetic rink. While resistance is easy enough to find in many polyethylenes, achieving the resilience and longevity is much tougher to find. There are several manufacturers or distributors who work in this area, each claiming their own virtues and benefits. Make sure the surface meets your intended usage as repair and replacement can be expensive.

While supplying such surfaces is a decent start, companies who add value by actually installing these skating surface should top the list. Those who build and install full skating rinks, ramps and ancillary products with such materials, should rise even further on the list of preferred suppliers.


Look for manufacturers who keep such services in-house, or who are networked with professionals nation-wide who can take on the responsibility of such work for you. In the end, this will lessen your liabilities and increase your warranty coverage.